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Cinema Services

Installation Digital Cinema Service

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Our Digital Cinema technical sales and engineering staff are able to advise on all aspects of Cinema Installations and equipment. We work with company through europe to insure UK get the best projectors and screen products

Cinema and Screen Engineers

  • 24hour Screen engineers
  • Cinema installations and Commissioning
  • Cinema and Screen Support and Services
  • Cinema Screen bespoke manufacturers
  • Cinema and screens frames and screen Installation
  • Cinema and screens 3D and UHD Screen Installation and Sales
  • Cinema networks
  • Cinema media servers
  • Cinema Networks Installation
  • APC UPS systems

Proscreens provide a complete range of Installation of Digital cinema service and cinema products with a fixed price design and installation service. We’ve taken the guesswork out of specifying and budgeting for the very best in cinema modular equipment packages backed up with full Phone on site support. We create the best Cinema Digital projection system installations that anyone has yet seen.  A major service in digital cinema technology and installations.

Cinema Sound and Projection Engineers 

This is where Proscreens 29 year experience of Cinema projection on everything from vintage 35mm and 70mm film projection to state of the art Digital Cinema equipment, Whilst the majority of UK Digital cinema a suppliers are restricted to selling equipment from one manufacturer or, at best, a limited number of manufacturers, we have no such affiliation and are, therefore, able to give completely impartial advice as to what Cinema projection system will meet your individual requirements. and Budget. We work with company throughout Europe to supply Digital Cinema projection  equipment. but keeping the support and warranty within the UK

Screen  Equipment: cinema services, Screens masking, Cinema screen frames

Cinema and Video Equipment: Cinema DCP Projectors – NEC Cinema, Sony 4k Cinema, Cinema Sound and projection systems and Projections Surfaces and Digital Projector Stands, 2D Cinema and 3D cinema Projection Screen fabric. digital cinema package


Proscreens can provides the wide range of services to cinemas We includes the installation of DCI Cinema projection Installation and engineers for cinemas.

Cinema projection equipment

Cinema projection equipment is expensive and, with such a baffling array of 3D and DCI projectors, Sound processors, amplifiers etc. on the market, making a wrong choice can be a costly mistake Cinema Services
This is where Proscreens come in. We have over 29 years’ experience of Cinema projection on everything from vintage 35mm to DCI Projection 2D 3D 4D Cinema projection systems Whilst the UK majority of suppliers are restricted to selling equipment from one manufacturer or, at best, a limited number of manufacturers, we have no such affiliation and are therefore, able to give completely impartial advice and pricing as to what system will meet your individual requirements.

If you want a hard-working Cinema projection system
and Cinema audio system we are here to help you.

Digital cinema installation service 

If you purchased cinema equipment elsewhere and need service or want to upgrade your AV facilities we would love to hear from you. We help uk cinema supplies with DCP Digital Cinema packages and installations and Cinema engineers  . Our digital systems Cinema engineer, set up the digital Cinema projection system. digital cinema cost

Digital cinema is the first major technological advance in cinema film projection since the invention of motion picture technology over 100 years ago. Cinema Digital projection systems use a number of different techniques to transform bits and bytes into high-definition screen images.

We are a commercial Cinema digital projection installations,  current market leader in cinema quality digital projection. a number of cinema quality digital projection systems in commercial use and in development. Cinema Services

Cinema Screens installations and frames Cinema automation software, Digital Cinema Screens Installation, Digital Cinema infrastructure Installation, Cinema Film data storage units, Cinema UPS power Units, HDMI TO SDI, Cinema network infrastructure. how much does a dcp cost Cinema Services and cinema equipment for sale

Digital cinema

Digital cinema refers to the use of digital technology to distribute or project motion pictures as opposed to the historical use of reels of motion picture film, such as 35 mm film. Whereas traditional film reels had to be shipped to movie theaters, a digital movie can be distributed to cinemas in a number of ways: over the Internet or dedicated satellite links or by sending hard drives or optical discs such as Blu-ray discs. Digital movies are projected using a digital projector instead of a conventional film projector. Digital cinema is distinct from high-definition television and is not dependent on using television or high-definition video standards, aspect ratios, or frame rates. In digital cinema, resolutions are represented by the horizontal pixel count, usually 2K (2048×1080 or 2.2 megapixels) or 4K (4096×2160 or 8.8 megapixels). As digital cinema technology improved in the early 2010s, most of the theaters across the world converted to digital.[1]

Digital cinema installation service UK

London theatre cinema equipment for sale

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